Who are we?

Humanity is well known for building, inventing, discovering, exploring things. Througout the ages, we have evolved so much that our knowledge is now beyond the understanding of a single person. We have reached the age of collaborativity. Knowledge is not held by a single individual. It is shared and sharing is the way we found to make it grow faster.

byteLore is a tool that explores and gathers relevant data so that groups of people can use it for a greater good. It can be used by hospitals, schools, universities, labs, friends and by so many more. The time has come for people to start their own journey on the internet, being able to explore it by themselves to achieve what they need.

This tool provides custom data searching, meaning that people are able to search and store only the information that is important to them. Not to mention that this data is private, meaning that no one else needs to know. But fear not, you can also share your content. People can collaborate and gather data together to build an incredible ecosystem full of hidden documents waiting to be opened.


[04-27-15] Cassandra and Redis will soon be 100% on Vagrant
[03-07-15] byteLore is now displaying real results
[03-07-15] First full stack demo is tomorrow
[03-07-15] Spark is now connected to redis
[03-07-15] Redis is now our standard cache
[02-19-15] Crawlers have been configured to work on basic mode
[02-19-15] NEST is now able to communicate with Hyperion